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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 10 release date, guests and how to watch

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 10 netflix

In January 2016, Netflix made a huge announcement to the stand-up comedy world. Jerry Seinfeld, the star and namesake of the hit NBC sitcom Seinfeld, had just signed a massive deal with the streaming giant. This meant his next two comedy specials, including 2017’s Jerry Before Seinfeld, would rest exclusively within its ever-growing stand-up catalog. It also meant that Seinfeld’s popular web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, would be making its way over to Netflix from Crackle, its original streaming home. The initial announcement suggested the show’s past nine seasons would arrive on Netflix sometime in late 2017, while a 10th season jam-packed with brand new episodes would come the following year. Here’s what you need to know about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 10.

What is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee about?

The show is pretty much what it sounds like. Every episode, Seinfeld and a guest,typically a stand-up comic or comedy actor, though not always, drive around in a vintage or unique car model discussing this and that. Their conversation ultimately brings them to a coffee shop, diner or similar venue, where they continue talking over a few cups.

Though the first season premiered in 2012, Seinfeld told Huffington Post the idea came from a commentary track he and Colin Quinn recorded for his 2002 documentary, Comedian. Soon after, he “bought this VW Bug in Albuquerque, New Mexico and went to pick it up with my friend Barry Mardar and we videotaped ourselves driving back.” And the rest is digital history.

Why you should binge ahead of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 10

In that same interview, Seinfeld admitted “we’re very well-served with talk shows and comedian interview experiences, we get plenty of that.” However, he continued, “maybe there’s something else.” The result? Sixty simple, short episodes (minus the bells and whistles typical of most late night talk shows) that wouldn’t take more than a few days to binge. It’s just Seinfeld and some of his famous friends talking shop, be it comedy itself or something else.

Comedians in Cars getting coffee season 10 release date guests

Meet Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 10 guests

Seinfeld, of course, is really the only “cast member” in the show. That being said, the revolving door of guests Comedians in Cars maintains is very impressive. Past visitors include Larry David, Alec Baldwin, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Don Rickles, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer and President Barack Obama.

For Comedians in Carts Getting Coffee season 10 on Netflix, Baldwin returns for another trip with Seinfeld, as does comedian Brian Regan. First-time guests include Neal Brennan, Dana Carvey, Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Zach Galifinakis, Kate McKinnon, Hasan Minhaj, Tracy Morgan, John Mulaney and the late Jerry Lewis.

How to binge Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Seasons 1 through 9 are currently available to binge on Netflix.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 10 debuts Friday, July 6, on Netflix.

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