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Comfort wines

While I’ve never needed any added incentive, the recent blend of crappy weather and an even crappier economy have surely been enough to drive even the most determined teetotaler to drink.

With the way the world’s spinning lately the search for wines that combine a decent price with drinkable juice isn’t just a quest for the thrifty — it’s a necessity for almost everybody.

In times like these I look to my list of comfort wines; those that wrap my palate in consistent familiarity without picking my pocket.

To find a great red deal look down, way down, to South America. The 2008 Cono Sur Pinot Noir ($11.45 – $12.99) from Chile is a classy little pinot with a light and juicy strawberry/cherry fruit flavour that ends with a soft, milk chocolaty finish. Its refreshing acidity makes it a great match for grilled salmon or a zingy tomato sauce.

Prefer white? Try Australia’s 2008 Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio ($10.95 – $11.99), a clean, lemon-meets-lime fruit fest with a lean, green flavour and zesty, citrus aroma that’s a nice partner for grilled shrimp (or any other fish with a shell) and just about any poultry dish.

Prices reflect the range across the country. Some products may not be available in all provinces.

– Peter Rockwell is the everyman’s wine writer, working in the liquor industry for more than 25 years and travelling the globe looking for something to fill his glass and put into words.

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