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Comic writer ready for Action

Geoff Johns and Richard Donner begin working on Action Comics in October.

Geoff Johns has gone Hollywood and survived.

After five years working as an assistant to director Richard Donner on films like Lethal Weapon 4 and Conspiracy Theory, Johns moved full time into a medium he was even more passionate about: Comic books.

Over the past seven years, Johns has had commercially successful and critically acclaimed stints on such DC Comics titles as The Flash, JSA, JLA, Teen Titans, Green Lantern and Hawkman.

He also wrote the company’s recent mega-crossover event, Infinite Crisis, is one of four top writers collaborating on the ambitious weekly comic, 52 and is co-writing the new Blade TV series.

So what can Johns do next to top all that? He’s getting his old boss into comic writing.

“When I was getting more and more into comics, we were talking one day and I said ‘It would be really fun if we did a comic book together’ and we kept talking about it, we had ideas for it and now its finally come together,” said Johns, a guest at this weekend’s Fan Expo Canada (www. fanexpocanada.com), in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

Johns and Donner — the visionary director of the first two Superman films — will begin an indefinite run on Action Comics beginning with October’s issue #844.

“We always wanted Action Comics,” Johns, 33, said. “We wanted the first comic Superman ever appeared in just to carry on that legacy. If we can add a cool run to the 800-plus issues that it has already got then we’ll be happy.”

Teaming with fan-favourite artist Adam Kubert, Johns and Donner will be focusing on the idea of Superman’s child.

“Yep, we’re dealing with the Super-Kid,” Johns said. “It’s called Last Son. “We’ve kind of nicknamed it ‘Son Of Superman.’ ”

And Johns and Donner’s Action stories won’t stop there. “(Our stories are) going to utilize everything major from the Superman mythos and introduce some new concepts as well,” Johns said.


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