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Comics bring the undead to life

It’s a zombie apocalypse in their world and a fantasy-filled escape from ours.

Three Calgary guys have collaborated to produce a unique weekly online comic dubbed Zombie 2012 and in just a few weeks they will be producing a print version of the comic as well.

Zombie 2012 Creator Jason Primmer asked for a little help from his friends and got artist Mark Cromwell and high school friend and writer Josh Bertwistle on board.

“I think people don’t necessarily have to like zombies or necessarily like comics to like the Zombie 2012 story. I think it’s very fun and accessible,” Primmer said.

All of the guys have day jobs but all three say working on the comic is a great escape, including Cromwell.

“I am a busy guy and tend to have a lot on the go so to get to the drawing board and draw some zombies is actually a lot of fun and a nice break to the day.”

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