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Coming back to cooking

While the recession may wreak havoc on Canadian pocketbooks, it might actually benefit rising cholesterol levels, celebrity chef David Adjey said yesterday.

“In a weird way, I think it could help,” said Adjey, who has appeared on the Food Network and launches his new show, Restaurant 101 with David Adjey, this fall.

“I think people are spending less money at restaurants and having more old-fashioned dinner parties at home. We went through a decade of extravagance and we’re coming back to core values.”

This includes cooking for families and loved ones and spending time at home, which often involves healthier food choices than eating out.

Even in a time of recession, spending on quality food is still important, said Adjey, who was in Ottawa yesterday to talk about healthy eating.

“Everyone talks about the economic downturn,” said Adjey. “But it doesn’t matter if the economy is good or bad, we all need to eat healthy. Next to breathing, it’s the most important thing that we do.”

Adjey — who has become a household name after appearances on Restaurant Makeover, Ready, Set, Cook and Iron Chef America — recently contributed recipes, cooking and health tips to cholesteroltargets.com.

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