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Common-law wives turn husbands in for child pornography

Two Vancouver women called police after finding what looked like child pornography on the computers of their common-law and former common-law husbands, police said yesterday.

Cedric David Jaune, 30, was arrested and charged with possession of child porn after his common-law wife found what she believed to be child pornography on a computer in their home.

Jaune, who was convicted of having child porn in 2005, has a one-year-old son. The Ministry of Children and Family Development has been contacted, according to Const. Lindsey Houghton.

In a separate case, the former common-law wife of an unnamed 26-year-old Vancouver man called police after finding child pornography images on the laptop of her former spouse for the second time in a month.

Police say charges are pending and the man’s name has not been released.

Houghton said it’s not unusual for spouses to turn in their partners.

“It’s quite common, actually. Fortunately, people see these types of images, are disturbed themselves, and feel the need to call (the police), which is what we want.”

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