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Commuters meet managers

Throughout the snowstorms that crippled Commuter Rail service this winter, MBCR officials seemed to be men behind a curtain. While Rich Davey is the face of the MBTA, the company that operates the T’s commuter trains seemed more mysterious.

That changed yesterday morning as MBCR managers held a Rich Davey-style “Meet the Mangers” session at North Station. They’ll be at South Station from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. today to listen to more customer gripes.

“We have to do more with our actions and less with our words,” new MBCR GM Hugh Kiley said.

After speaking to Kiley, rider Pat Heggbold agreed.

“He has given me some inspiration that things are going to turn around,” she said.

Kiley chalked the problems up to a trying to do too much.

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