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Commuters tell tales of woe to mass transit advocacy group

Riders Alliance wants to hear your mass transit horror stories.

The advocacy group, inspired by recent reports of delays, overcrowding and other unfavorable conditions, held a day of action Sunday at the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center station, and asked commuters to share their tales of woe.

Organizer Rebecca Bailin said volunteers spoke with about 30 riders, who were “excited” to share their stories.

Most stories sounded the same, Bailin said: long delays, crowded trains, lack of service announcements — and bitterness that single ride fares are increasing by 25 cents next week.

The stories will be sent off to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislators, hopefully convincing them to help fund the MTA’s $32 billion capital program, which is tasked with maintaining and improving transit infrastructure.

The MTA passed the five-year capital plan last fall with a $15.2 billion funding gap. Major projects include the Second Avenue Subway and connecting the LIRR to Grand Central.

“If Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers don’t fund the next MTA capital program, riders are going to see a lot more of these signal malfunctions and train breakdowns in the future,” Riders Alliance Executive Director John Raskin said in a statement.

Last month, Mayor Bill de Blasio told Albany lawmakers that Cuomo’s proposed $750 million to the MTA wouldn’t make a dent in the “critical needs” of city mass transit riders.

Last week, unsatisfied 7 train riders concerned with on-going construction and delays rallied for better service in Queens.

Horrified riders can submit their stories online through March 20.

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