Con Ed warns customers to beware of imposters following recent attacks – Metro US

Con Ed warns customers to beware of imposters following recent attacks

Con Ed warns customers to beware of imposters following recent attacks
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Following a Bronx home invasion where a victim was sexually assaulted by men who posed as Con Edison workers, New Yorkers are being warned to beware of other such imposters.

As of Monday afternoon, police were still searching for a duo that pretended to be utility workers and pushed their way into a woman’s apartment in the Bronx, according to CBS New York. The men then tied the 26-year-old victim up and one of the suspects sexually assaulted her.

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The men ransacked the apartment and fled with $50, CBS reported. The woman’s young child was reportedly in the home during the time of the incident.

According to the New York Daily News, authorities are investigation whether this home invasion is connected to a robbery in the same area that occurred two weeks earlier.

During this incident, a woman stabbed the attacker — who also claimed to be a Con Edison worker — with a kitchen knife and the man fled the scene, the Daily News reported.

Con Edison has since sent out a safety warning to customers warning them to beware of imposters who are claiming to be from the company and are looking to enter either a home or business.

The company added that real Con Edison employees carry identification cards with their photo, name and the company’s name and logo.

Even if customers see the identification and they still feel like they have doubts about the individual’s legitimacy, they are advised to call 1-800-75CONED (1800-752-6633) before letting them in.

Con Edison recommended anyone who suspects an individual to be falsely claiming they’re an employee for the utility company to call the police.

Last month, the company also sent out a warning to customers in regards to scam callers who threatened service turnoff unless a customer purchased a pre-paid card or arranged a transfer via MoneyGram to pay a bill.

It added that it has seen a recent spike in reports from customers who said they were contacted by scammers, who in some cases even made a Con Edison phone number show up on caller ID.

“Con Edison believes the scammers are calling customers randomly, not targeting just those who owe back payments. The company has received complaints from residential and business customers,” the company said in a statement.

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Con Edison said it does not accept payments of electric or gas bills by pre-paid debits cards or through transfers such as MoneyGram.

Anyone who feels they might have been a target of such scammers are advised to also call 1-800-75CONED or the police.

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