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Connelly wants council to split needs, wants

City council needs a clear process of prioritization when it comes to making budgetary decisions, according to one alderman.

Council will debate a notice of motion from Ald. Joe Connelly, which asks for the city to put all budget packages into one of three categories.

“I think it would make it clear for council to delineate between a must-have and a nice-to-have,” said Connelly.

Essential, frontline facing services, such as emergency services, would be put first with non-core programs coming next. The third category would allocate funds for improving efficiencies in the city.

“We have 25 priorities as a city and I think if you have 25 then you really don’t have any,” he said.

Connelly referenced the current debate over the Calgary police budget as being one example of the need for prioritizing at council.

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