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Conquering illness to reach the top

She was born with severe health issues and was only given a 20 per cent chance of survival. A series of surgeries saved her life, but then she was bullied and beat up in school because she didn’t fit in. However, through all of life’s turning points, Cindy Ashton never allowed herself to wallow in negativity. She got healthy, rose to the top and conquered.

Ashton left her Toronto home for California and immediately began performing and volunteering at motivational conferences. Her work was recognized in June 2010 when the Canadian was awarded the “President Obama Call to Action Award.”

Now she’s telling her motivational story in words and song. Ashton is hitting the road with her Red Carpet Dreaming Tour, with the proceeds of her Toronto concert going to the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness.

Her message is from the heart: “Overcome your obstacles and become the star you were meant to be. There’s a difference between embracing your fears and being a victim. Explore, transform yourself and find your gift. As Gandhi said, ‘Be the change wish you see in the world.’”

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