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Conservatives angered after Sarah Silverman posts Jesus tweet

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Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman has never been one to bite her tongue. On Christmas, she tweeted a joke about Jesus Christ and the responses from conservatives was swift and livid .

On her Twitter and Facebook page she wrote, “MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!” Apparently, that didn’t sit well with several conservative Christians.

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The Young Conservatives website (youngcons.com)responded to her tweet– calling her a “washed up comedian,” and said her tweet was a “desperate attempt to remain relevant.”

Many people expressed their anger at the suggestion that Jesus identified as both male and female and decided to respond to her tweet.

Sarah Silverman’s Christmas tweet that put many people in a tizzy.

The reactions.

This person gets a little personal.

One Silverman fan is in total agreement.

And one person who encourages Silverman to walk to the light.

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