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Conspiracy theorist: Tim Tebow was traded to Jets to further the New World Order

Conspiracy theorist: Tim Tebow was traded to Jets to further the New World
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In what might be the biggest breaking news story of the sports year, the NFL is part of the New Word Order and the Illuminati orchestrated the New York Jets trading for Tim Tebow. Just make sure that the tin foil hat is on tight, folks.

Leave it to Philadelphia Eagles starting guard Evan Mathis to pull this one off, posting on Wednesday portions of an email sent to him concerning his teammate, newly signed quarterback Tim Tebow. In the email the fan asked Mathis to pass some information on to Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, who he calls a student of history. Apparently Kelly is the only one who can save us from the impending doom that would be Tebow failing to make the team, further enhancing a liberal agenda and the coming end of the world.

Or something like that.

The email, filled with derogatory comments and racial commentary, claims that Denver Broncos general manager John Elway is a “Freemason” and as such, is part of an organization that sells out America “for money, fame, power, etc.” As such, Tebow -a devout Christian -was targeted in 2012 by Elway as expendable. The sender then detailed how the NFL is part of the New World Order, claiming that the league is pushing a homosexual agenda on teams, as evidenced by the drafting of Michael Sam last year. No matter that Sam didn’t stick in the league.

And in 2012 as a free agent, Peyton Manning picked the Broncos to help out the Freemason agenda espoused by Elway. That’s not all:

“Tebow’s time with the Jets was to get him to NYC to get him to sell-out and join the Illuminati/New World Order,” the letter read. “It was a chance to try to get Tebow hooked on drugs, drinking, gambling and/or sluts in NYC. It was also a time to try to get Tebow injured by playing him out of position at punt protector.”

Well, maybe there is something to that last part.

The letter ends in dramatic fashion, asking “tough guy” Mathis to pass this information on to his head coach so that the New World Order doesn’t get the best of the situation:

“But you aren’t a tough guy if you won’t help the Lord and the Lord’s QB, Tim Tebow.”

There’s no doubt that his head coach would want to read this.

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