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Construction debris crashes through driver’s windshield


A woman is shaken but safe after a piece of wooden debris fell from an underpass and struck her car Tuesday night, WCVB reported.

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The driver, Nancy Shapiro, was on her way to the symphony, driving east on Huntington Avenue when the debris crashed on her car while under the Massachusetts Avenue overpass.

“There was a truck in front of me. He probably bumped up and down underneath the bridge. Then a two-by-four came down,” Shapiro explained.

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Fortunately for Shapiro, the two-by-four didn’t hit her. Instead, it pierced her windshield and hit her dashboard.

According to WHDH, there was construction in the area. The driver of the truck told investigators he didn’t hear his vehicle hit anything.

Investigators are looking into how the debris was dislodged.

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