Controversial roadside zoo up for permit renewal: SRD

A recently embattled Alberta roadside zoo could soon catch a break as the date for their permit renewal nears.

The provincial government’s Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) must decide by April 1 if they will renew permits for zoos across Alberta.

SRD spokesperson Dave Ealey said a decision has not yet been made regarding Guzoo — an animal attraction in Three Hills — but said granting a permit renewal is the only way to continue overseeing the facility.

“The point is, we retain authority over the facility through the permitting process,” said Ealey.

“We have the legal authority to place conditions that should be addressed under that authority and that’s an important part of us being the regulator here.”

Activist and co-founder of Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety Lauren Johnston said she doesn’t buy SRD’s reasoning for the potential permit renewal.

“The permit has been renewed for decades,” she said.

“It would be an outrage to our over 30,000 petition signers and our 10,000 plus (Facebook) group followers. We would be heartbroken.”

Multiple calls to the zoo’s owner Lynn Gustafson were not returned.

Click here for the original story, included photos taken at Guzoo.

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