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Cool weather does not have to mean dry skin

Maintain soft skin this fall by drinking lots of water and consuming healthy fats.

As summer slips away and the cold weather of autumn creeps in, we try to combat the chill with more layers of clothing and warmer food and beverages. The fall’s dry and windy conditions can also wreak havoc on the epidermis and despite our best efforts to moisturize, the elements can take a harsh toll on our skin.

There are some proven solutions — both preventative and reactive — to the dreaded September dry skin syndrome. Below are some tips to maintaining soft, smooth and moisturized skin this fall season.

Water is the answer —Skin is the body’s largest organ and it is made up of 70 per cent water. Increasing water consumption will help hydrate the skin. Some experts recommend a standard eight cups of water a day but more may be required during the fall and winter months to keep the skin healthy. It is also a good idea to increase water intake if you drink caffeinated beverages.

Fat is not always bad — There are many different types of “healthy” fats, all of which are required to prevent dry and chapped skin. One of the most common healthy fats that help keep the skin hydrated are the Omega-3 fatty acids, which you can find in salmon, eggs, and hemp oil.

No need to stop shaving — Even though the warmer weather allows you to be free with your personal care, your shaving techniques do not need to change come fall. You can continue your grooming trends through the winter. Autumn and winter weather produce even more sensitive skin so the hypo-allergenic shaving foil makes shaving and trimming safe and easy and helps prevent skin irritation and rashes.

Balm the dryness away — Sometimes preventative measures are not enough and you still have patches of dry skin. The best treatment for this is an oil-based moisturizer or balm that contains vitamins A, E or D. There are many great oils derived from natural sources like almond, grape seed and avocado.

With some attention and a little extra care, you can prevent dry, irritated and tired skin while maintaining your preferred personal care in the upcoming colder months.

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