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Cops baffled by inmate’s escape

He slept in a bedroom, not a cell, and the ground outside his prison was free of walls and guard towers — in fact, there wasn’t even a fence.

So why would Andrew John Wood, convicted of murder in the execution-style shooting death of a Toronto man in 1989, want to escape?

That may be a question police are asking themselves as they continue the search today for the 42-year-old Wood, who escaped from the minimum-security Frontenac Institution in Kingston Saturday morning by simply walking away.

Prison officials refuse to speculate why Wood, serving a life sentence, would throw away all those privileges earned over the years by his good behaviour.

“It would not be fair,” said Holly Knowles, a spokesperson for Correction Services of Canada.
“There’s clearly a reason,” she said.

“It could be a number of factors ranging from a very impulsive decision to something that’s more emotionally severe.”

A Frontenac employee who asked not to be named said the reason for the escape was not obvious to her.

Police said they have no idea where Wood may be.

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