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Cops charge man for attempted murder of pregnant wife

boston yarmouth pregnant woman domestic violence matthew chicoine Matthew Chicoine faces attempted murder and other charges after allegedly attacking a pregnant woman in Yarmouth.
Credit: Yarmouth Police Department

A West Yarmouth man was charged with attempted murder following an allegedly violent attack on his pregnant wife in front of her infant child.

Matthew Chicoine, 22, was charged with attempted murder, assault and battery on a pregnant person and other charges for the attack, Yarmouth police said.

Officers were called a motel on Tuesday for a report of a domestic incident. When officers arrived they saw that the door to the room had been kicked open and encountered Chicoine who they described as “hostile, enraged [and] uncooperative.”

He was taken to a cruiser where he allegedly began cursing and slammed his head against the rear window. Other officers checked on the woman who was in the bathroom with her 18-month-old child.

“The female survivor of the attack had blood on her hands and face, was crying, and she moved slowly and stiffly and was in a great deal of pain,” police said.

The woman, who is five months pregnant, told officers that she was hit in the face, had her head smashed against a table and the floor and was strangled several times to the point of blacking out twice. She also said that Chicoine allegedly kicked in the door to the bathroom on top of her as she shielded her child.

Police said the woman is Chicoine’s wife, according to the Globe.

She was taken to a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

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