Cops rescue dog from drowning - Metro US

Cops rescue dog from drowning

New York City police officers rescued a German shepherd puppy that was swept two miles offshore in Jamaica Bay Monday night.

The 8-month-old dog, Charlie, escaped from owner Irina Frid during a rainstorm Monday night, Frid told the New York Daily News. She was closing the front gate to her oceanfront home in Manhattan Beach, she said, when Charlie slipped out. She called for him, but a beep from a nearby fire truck scared him, she said — and he ran away.

Frid, 38, was searching for the pooch when a friend called her with terrifying news: The dog was in the water, far from shore.

Police officers Benjamin Reiver and Edward Carr were on a routine patrol in Jamaica Bay when they spotted Charlie just after 7:30 p.m.

He was struggling to stay afloat and had been swept by strong currents two miles out, according to police.

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