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Cops target string of swarmings

Halifax Regional Police are devoting extra resources to investigating a rash of swarmings in Halifax’s north end over the Labour Day weekend.

The string of assaults and robberies took place within a very circumscribed area — the first occurring on Maitland Street Friday night, the most recent on Davison Street late Monday.

In five of the six assaults, victims were asked for a cigarette or a light before a group of youths assaulted them.

Police spokesman Const. Brian Palmeter said the information would lead any reasonable person to believe the incidents are related. The descriptions of the assailants are too vague, however, to say for sure. Palmeter called the acts “cowardly” and said resources are being put toward finding and arresting the perpetrators.

“We want citizens to know and those responsible to know that we are not going to tolerate these types of attacks,” he said, adding he could not specify what resources will be deployed.

It’s unclear, however, what pedestrians in the area can do to ensure they don’t fall victim to an attack.

In three of the attacks, the victims were walking in groups of two or more. Three were on or near well-lit, busy streets like Robie, Agricola and Gottingen.

“We would still encourage people to travel in groups,” said Palmeter. “However … the groups were intent on looking for that confrontation, so unfortunately it makes it very difficult to protect yourself from those types of attacks.”

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