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Corey Feldman is ‘Lost’ again

Mention the “Twilight” series to Corey Feldman and he’ll feign ignorance. “Never heard of it,” he says, brow furrowed under shaggy black hair. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is that a comic book or a kids’ cartoon?” Then the laugh comes. “Just joking.”

With his own new vampire movie coming out, “Lost Boys: The Thirst,” Feldman recognizes the importance of that other bloodsucking franchise. “What I say is: Let them keep making movie because it’s keeping us in business,” he says. “The more romance novelists there are out there making romanticized ideas of vampirism for the kids, the more people want to see a real action movie putting the bad guys where they belong.”

He’s also more than a little protective of the legacy of the first “Lost Boys” film, especially with the genre’s current resurgence. “I remember it really being hailed as the original rock ’n’ roll vampire movie,” he says. “I’ll never forget being at the premiere where I had invited Sam Kinison. I really wanted to gauge his perception of it because he was so contemporary and cutting-edge at the time, he really had his finger on the pulse of what was happening. So he was sitting right in front of me at the premiere, and he kept screaming during the whole movie, like, ‘Dude! This movie rocks! F— yeah!’”

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