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Corner Gas alum stumps for Dan For Mayor

Fred Ewanuick says being the star of a new comedy series is hard work — something he mostly avoided in the past.

“I think I really underestimated the work load,” laughs Ewanuick, best known as Corner Gas’ lovable schlub, Hank.

“On Corner Gas, I’d work three days a week maybe and just shoot a couple scenes a day. This is every day, all day. Not that I’m complaining, but it was a bit of a shock.”

Ewanuick’s extra effort has resulted in the comedy Dan For Mayor. In it, the actor plays Dan Phillips, a nice guy bartender who impulsively decides to run for mayor to prove to his ex-girlfriend he’s not a loser.

The decision sets in motion an election campaign filled with mishaps and mistakes as Dan finds himself in the public eye and way over his head.

Created by the well-known writing trio of Mark Farrell, Paul Mather and Kevin White, one assumes Dan For Mayor will conclude with the season-ending election of Dan. Or will it?

“Well, I’m not saying,” laughs Ewanuick. “But I think it’s safe to that you can’t just have the character constantly running for mayor every year. So something is going to happen eventually. But I can’t say what.”

Though it’s not a big acting stretch from Corner Gas’ Hank to his Dan For Mayor character, Ewanuick sees a few differences.

“Well, Dan is definitely brighter than Hank. He’s just this guy who has no direction. And has reached that point where he’s starting to wonder what he’s going to do with his life. Sort of like my life.”

As excited as he is about Dan For Mayor’s premiere, Ewanuick is more thrilled by his current gig as host of the Olympics’ nightly victory ceremonies in Whistler.

“It’s been just great. The atmosphere is incredible here,” he says.

“The only problem is I’m on stage at the same time as the (Canadian) hockey games. But I’m free the night of the gold medal game, so if Canada is in it, I’ll be there screaming.”

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