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Corner Gas alums reunite with few Hiccups

Corner Gas alum Nancy Robertson admits she was a little hesitant when husband/co-star Brent Butt offered her the lead in his new series Hiccups.

“I was just worried people might get the impression that I only work with Brent. Which isn’t true,” says Robertson, who plays a volatile children’s book writer in the CTV comedy. “But the part was so great. She’s so free. So open. It’s real fun to play.”

Created by Butt, Hiccups focuses on Millie Upton, the writer of Grumpaloos, a hugely successful series of children’s books.

Millie’s problem is she tends to speak her mind. And when she gets ticked off, she gets really ticked off. So much so, her agent and publisher convince her to go into therapy to curb her outbursts.

The Gemini-winning Robertson, who married Butt in 2005 while making Corner Gas, is hesitant to call Millie “angry,” though the character does tend to meltdown in coffee shops and book stores.

“I wouldn’t say she has anger issues. More like emotional issues. She’s extreme. When she’s happy, she’s really happy. But she’s totally content with who she is. She’s just an author who doesn’t know how to work with people.”

So, in the series premiere, Millie seeks the help of down-and-out “life coach,” Stan — played by Butt. Their odd couple teaming forms the center of Hiccups. “She personally doesn’t think she needs a life coach. It’s more for the other people in her life. They can’t handle being around her.”

Hiccups premieres Monday, March 1, on CTV.

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