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Could Carpool Week be just the beginning?

Just two days into Carpool Week, organizers are already thinking towards the future and trying to maintain the momentum from this week’s awareness campaign.

And might this mean that Edmonton is a possible future site for carpool lanes?

It would be nice, suggests Laura McNabb, the City of Edmonton Transportation communications officer, but there’s nothing like that planned for the near future.

“It all has an impact, though,” she said.

Right now the priority is raising awareness and having as many people register at carpool.ca as possible to increase the network’s base.

Edmonton already has bus lanes on certain busy streets and traffic bottlenecks, which give public transit, taxis and cyclists priority during peak hours.

Currently Toronto and Vancouver are the only Canadian cities that have high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

In Greater Seattle, a city that is notorious for its gridlock, State Department officials have noticed that their HOV lanes are so full that they no longer maintain their 45 mph performance standard.

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