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Could the Nets deal Brook Lopez this offseason?

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez during a 2016-17 season game against the Sacramento Kings. (Photo: Getty Images)
Brook Lopez's time in Brooklyn drew to a close on Tuesday when the Nets traded him to the Lakers. (Photo: Getty Images)

There is usually some kind of hope that surrounds an NBA organization after a down season, usually stemming from a high pick in the draft.

But for the Brooklyn Nets, there is no such optimism as their pick, which will probably be first overall, belongs to the Boston Celtics this year.

Instead, the team that finished with the NBA’s worst record at 20-62 will attempt to hang its hat on a strong finish that saw the Nets win half of their games in the final five weeks of the season.

Still, this team is in obvious need of a rebuild. Actually, more of a blow almost everything up and start from square one with point guard Jeremy Lin.

That could include the trading of center Brook Lopez, who has been nothing short of a good soldier throughout the multitude of down seasons the Nets have experienced.

As one of the only legitimate assets that could bring in either a number of draft picks or above-average, well-established NBA talent, the Nets might continue to explore trading Lopez during the offseason.

Given the Nets’ 41-123 record over the past two seasons, no one would blame Lopez if he wanted out of Brooklyn. He has an opportunity after the 2017-18 season when he becomes a free agent.

But in April, he expressed his desire to stay with the team and be a part of their rebuilding efforts.

Still, if the Nets even have an inkling that they will continue to struggle mightily despite Lopez career averages of 18.6 points and 7.1 rebounds per game, it might be time to end the nine-year relationship and find some new centerpieces to build around.

While it might go against Lopez’s wishes, greener pastures could await in the form of joining a new team that is a contender.

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