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Council to decide on school zone times

School zone times will be 30 minutes earlier if council approves a committee recommendation to extend the hours.

Council will have to decide whether or not to amend the bylaw, which would bring city regulations in line with playground zone times being proposed by the province by changing the start time 7:30 a.m.

“If we can get one standard that applies everywhere it eliminates confusion and improves safety,” said Ald. Bob Hawkesworth.

If Council passes the amendment, the new regulations will go into effect in time for students’ return to school in the fall.

Hawkesworth said there was little argument about the proposal with no members of the public coming to voice their opinion, “the thing passed without a peep.”

It will cost $25,000 to change all the signs in the city, but there was no mention about a communications plan to let drivers know about the new changes as of yet.

“Between the city and the province, I have no doubt that these changes will be communicated to drivers before September,” said Hawkesworth.

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