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Councilman calls for moratorium after film crews invade Brooklyn Heights

One councilman has had it with dodging film crews that have infiltrated the scenic streets of Brooklyn Heights.

Councilman Stephen Levin has asked the mayor’s office to issue a moratorium on filming in the iconic Brooklyn neighborhood after 14 different productions had cameras rolling on its brownstone-lined streets in the past two months.

Levin said Brooklyn Heights has become so bogged down with film crews shooting movies, shows and commercials that it is interfering with the daily lives of residents. There is often no break between productions and new crews move in as soon as one shoot is over.

He cited an incident last Wednesday when film crews for two movies,”Delivery Man” and “Winter’s Tale”, were both issued permits on the same day, resulting in snarled traffic and the closure of streets and eight blocks of parking.

“I understand and respect the fact that the movie and television industry provides revenue for the city and employs a number of New Yorkers, but residents of a single neighborhood, especially one that is primarily residential, like Brooklyn Heights, should not have to bear the burden of on-street filming on an almost daily basis,” Levin said.

He added, “The people who live in this community should be able to freely walk down the sidewalk, park on the street, and bring their children to the local playground without constantly dodging film crews.”

A spokesperson from Levin said Friday he had not yet gotten a response on the request from the mayor’s office.

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