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Couple caught stealing converters from cars in Commuter Lots

A New Bedford couple was bagged for stealing catalytic converters from MBTA lots just a day after T police said the thefts were an ongoing problem for commuters.

According to police reports, while doing surveillance at the Hanson and Halifax Commuter Rail Stations Monday night, officers arrested Dennis Fager, 39, and Tina Fager, 37, who allegedly swiped three converters from cars.

The Fagers were placed under arrest for these thefts, and are believed to be responsible for as many as one hundred other thefts of converters from motor vehicles, according to police.

According to the police report, the covert surveillance was being conducted after numerous reports of motor vehicle catalytic converters being stolen.

Police said cars have been chronically targeted due to the valuable content of the precious metals.

Police observed the female suspect stand up on the door jam and look around the parking lot Tuesday night as the male ducked down below the truck and out of view.

According to the report, moments later, a detective heard sounds consistent with metal being cut with a power tool as well as the sound of metal hitting the ground.

Shortly after, the detective heard a sound consistent with the sound of a heavy a metallic object being dropped into the back of the pick-up truck.

The couple was scheduled for arraignment in court Tuesday.

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