Couple charged $10,000 at gas pump – Metro US

Couple charged $10,000 at gas pump

Couple charged $10,000 at gas pump

Gas prices have gone up in recent years, but one couple’s recent bill at the pump was enough to fuel a whole fleet of SUVs traveling cross country.

Susan Gower says that she and her husband stopped at a gas station at in Fort Myers, Florida to fill up what they thought was a $20 tank of gas.

“He filled his car up, maybe $20 worth or something like that. He used his credit card,” Gower told WFTX.

But when their credit card was declined, they discovered the receipt had charged them for nearly $10,000 in gas, or 27,000 gallons.

Gower’s bank told her to tell the gas station, Valero, to reverse the charges. It reportedly took more than two weeks

According to News 7 Miami, Gower claims that the gas station tried to fight her charge dispute.

“It stemmed from the glitch at his gas pump, and he just wouldn’t own up to the fact that he was wrong,” Gower told News 7. “I’m a teacher and my 10 year olds know that they need to own up to their mistakes and try and make it right and apologize. That’s what makes me mad.”

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