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Court officer charged for allegedly forcing woman to perform sex act

(Photo via Public Domain Pictures)
(Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

A court officer has been indicted after accusations arose that he forced a woman into performing a sex act in a courthouse stairwell.

58-year-old Sgt. Timothy Nolan racked up a barrage of charges for exposure of a person, public lewdness, second-degree coercion and official misconduct.

Nolan allegedly saw 26-year-old Erica McRae while she was in the hallway of Brooklyn Criminal Court on Oct. 21, leading her over to the stairs where he began exposing himself, attempting to kiss her and forcing her to touch his genitals.

“What this defendant – a public servant – allegedly did was a disgrace to his fellow court officers who day in and day out serve the public with respect and work hard to keep our courthouses safe,” acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said, PIX11 reported.

At the time, McRae had been waiting to post her boyfriend’s bail at the courthouse and believed that any refusal to engage in the sex act would negatively impact his case.

Now she says she’s glad justice has been served. “I’m grateful for the district attorney for taking this seriously and charging him for what he did to me. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. I hope because of this indictment that they’ll know officers cannot get away with this,” McRae told the New York Daily News.

If convicted for his top count, Nolan may spend a year behind bars.

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