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Coyotes not a threat … not pets either

Do not fear the coyotes, but don’t feed them, either.

“Most coyotes are not a threat to humans,” said Gloucester-Southgate Coun. Diane Deans.

“They do not prey on humans and they are very, very unlikely to attack. There is no reason to believe that a healthy young coyote is going to attack someone in a neighbourhood right now.”

Recent coyote sightings in urban areas in the city have produced a number of concerned calls to various councillors.

Deans said she’s received dozens of calls after a coyote was seen near a playground in Greenboro. Coun. Marianne Wilkinson warned Kanata residents not to leave pets unattended in open areas after coyotes are believed to have killed a small deer in a backyard.

Thursday, the community and protective services committee endorsed the coyote plan but deferred it to a couple of other committees so it could be dealt with as part of a larger wildlife strategy.

After years of trying to get a strategy for dealing with coyotes, Osgoode Ward Coun. Doug Thompson said he was pleased that something was finally in the works.

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