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Cranberry sauce in a can versus homemade – Is canned tacky?

Cranberry sauce, can, homemade
Cranberry sauce in a can is the guilty pleasure of most Thanksgiving tables. YouTube

Canned jelly cranberry sauce is no quite as tacky as putting ketchup on spaghetti (or ketchup on chicken … or ketchup on anything) but to a lot of people the Ocean Spray can of cranberry that leaves marks from the can is downright low-class.

The problem here is that 90 percent of people who eat cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving actually prefer canned jelly cranberry sauce over the homemade version with stems and crap. Oh, and the other 10 percent are liars.

Your best bet on Thanksgiving is to actually serve both the homemade cranberry sauce and the canned jelly version. This way your judging Great Aunt Gertrude won’t be upset and you’ll get to see which of your other relatives are pretentious.

For all you canned jelly cranberry sauce lovers (aka right-minded humans) – here’s how to get the whole can out in one easy piece.


You can also make your own jellied cranberry sauce, which is another good happy-medium solution.

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