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Create your own spa experience from home

Need to relax? That’s like asking a thirsty man if he needs water. Even though most experts agree that getting a professional massage is the best way to relieve tension, Margaret Lora, spa director and the creative force behind the newly opened Spa Merge in Midtown, shares other easy ways to help you unwind.

1 Massages. They really do help you unwind. If you’re going to get a spa treatment for relaxation, we recommend Swedish massage because it implements a very repetitive and gentle kneading. The repetitiveness of those long, relaxing strokes puts you into a trance-like state.

2 Sinus pressure points. Since congested sinuses can create a lot of stress, there is a way you can release tension by using sinus pressure points: Place two fingertips on the bridge of your nose and slide them down slowly into your cheek bones and to the outside of your eyes. This act releases tension and sinus pressure.

3 Exercise. Working out pumps up endorphins and makes us feel good. A really nice way to get exercise is through meditation in movement in walking. Focus on the specifics of each step, from the sensation of your feet hitting the ground to the breeze and the air around you.

4 Deep breathing. I can’t stress how important it is to breathe. If you’re looking to relax, be sure to breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. You can do breathing like this anywhere.

5 Take a bath. Draw a bath, and add a lavender essential oil. I suggest playing some music or relaxation tapes. These, in combination with the warmth of the water, reduces stress in the nervous system and increases blood flow. The warmth of the water will help flush out chemicals and toxins, as well as help promote a deep, restful sleep.

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