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Dear Charles the Butler,

What kind of sheets should I buy for my master bed, how many do I need and how often do I need to change my bed sheets?

Diane B.

Dear Diane B.,

First, when you go shopping I don’t want you to worry or stress about thread count.

Feel the sheets and remember the fabric has “sizing” (a combination of light glue and starch which makes them stiff so they look nice in the retail store), so you really need to buy one sheet, wash it and sleep with it.

Myself, I like sheets with “percale” in the summer —this is a closely woven smooth finish cotton.

In the winter I love flannel sheets, and the best part of flannel for me is that they are warm on cold nights and don’t need to be ironed!

Once you find a brand of sheets you like, you should have a minimum of two sets, and if budget allows a third. This way you have one set that is dirty, one on the bed and an emergency backup set for spills, dogs, kids, life etc.

And finally in a perfect world bed sheets should be changed weekly.

Remember the human body sweats a litre of liquid per night and the exfoliation of dead skin all accumulates in your bed and bacteria/mites love to feed on this.

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