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Critics say Tories ‘not looking where the money is going’

Opposition parties as well as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation balked at the 2010 budget released by the Alberta Progressive Conservative party, which outlined few cuts and a large deficit for the year.

“Clearly they’re falling back on their old ways — they have not learned their lessons from past booms and busts,” Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann said shortly after Finance Minister Ted Morton rose to present the budget at the legislature yesterday. “They’re addicted to spending and not looking where the money is going.”

Swann added that the health-care spending, which has been upped by $1.7 billion, is “not responsible,” and that the opposition will call for an audit.

“This is clearly out of line with what Albertans’ wishes are,” Swann said.

Scott Hennig of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation doubts that the government will be able to pull out of a deficit in three years if it continues to spend as outlined.

“Even in the face of running some of the largest deficits in this province’s history, this government cannot stop spending,” Hennig said. “I can’t believe they’re actually taking this seriously. They’re clearly not.”

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