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Cruise ship that ran aground heading to Hub


A cruise ship that ran aground near Bermuda is shipping up to Boston after a temporary loss of power caused a steering system malfunction.

The Norwegian Dawn cruise ship got stuck on a coral reef for a few hours, but the 1,059 crew members and the 2,443 passengers were unharmed and the ship sustained no damage, according to the Boston Globe.

The ship ran aground on Tuesday and sailed off course into a reef about three miles off of the coast of Bermuda. Once the tide came back in on Tuesday evening, the ship was freed from the reef. Tug boats and Bermuda authorities helped move the ship into safer waters.

Norwegian Cruise Line ships set sail out of the Drydock Avenue ports in South Boston and travels for a week to Bermuda and back. The ship was docked at Heritage Warf in Bermuda, underwent inspection and set sale Tuesday morning. The ship is fully operational now and all onboard services are working.

The Norwegian Dawn departs every Friday from Boston and the next voyage will leave as scheduled on May 22.

Passengers onboard were offered a 15 percent discount off of another voyage.

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