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Crunch Time: Jay Cutler to Jets? John Kruk to marry mayonnaise?

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There isn’t an athlete alive with a more booable face than Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The “Smokin’ Jay Cutler’”meme is the stuff of legend, and Jets fans are going to need a cigarette after learning that Cutler could be on his way to New York.

CBS Sports Jason La Canfora mentioned the Jets as a team that could have interest in the much-maligned QB if he’s released by Chicago. The Jets apparently like him because he “can play in the elements that are a reality in the AFC East.” What that means is snow. The Jets usually play one game per year in snow, and Cutler wouldn’t be bad in that spot.

Get excited.

Mr. Mayo

God bless American athletes who embrace being fat. Charles Barkley just wasn’t the same when he got skinny for a minute a few years back. At least former Phillies great John Kruk owns it.

Kruk is opening his own Philly cheesesteak shop this month (absolutely unreal that it took this long), and he says that you’ll be able to put mayonnaise on your cheesesteak if you want to. What the F is more American than that?

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“We’ve been doing a lot of taste testing,” Kruk told PhillyMag. “I probably had three or four cheesesteaks just the other day. My favorite is with American cheese, grilled onions, ketchup and mayo … I’ve had a lot of people question me about the mayo part. Remember though, I’m not from Philly.”

For the record, Kruk is from West Virginia, where – yeah – they love them some white condiment.

Concussion crisis

It was only a matter of time before former NFL players began blaming reckless behavior on concussions and CTE. Cedric Benson, who was the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft in 2005, was charged with driving while intoxicated last weekend in Texas. The 34-year-old former running back refused a field sobriety test, and when asked by a police officer to recite the alphabet, Benson said: “I can’t do that because I played eight years in the NFL.”

Last year, Dr. Bennet Omalu – the man who the movie “Concussion” is based upon – told ABC News that he would bet his medical license that O.J. Simpson is suffering from CTE. Omalu even went so far as to say O.J. had a higher risk of CTE because his head was so big.

“If you have a bigger head that means your head is heavier,” Omalu told People Magazine. “That means the momentum of your impact would be bigger. It’s basis physics.”