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CUNY board votes to increase tuition $300 a year (UPDATED)

UPDATE: CUNY Board of Trustees have voted in favor of a tuition increase of $300 per year for the next four years. Only one board member, the student representative, voted against the hike. One professor who stormed the meeting was arrested by police. Students who started a rally ahead of the vote continue to chant in protest of the tuition hike.

College students are planning to rally as the CUNY Board of Trustees votes on a proposed tuition hike of $300 per year.

This comes after about 15 students were arrested during a protest last week when they stormed a Board of Trustees meeting where the tuition hike was being discussed.

The vote is scheduled to happen at 4:30 p.m. today at Baruch College. All classes at the Newman Vertical Campus after 3 p.m. today will be cancelled.

“These actions are being taken to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff during the period surrounding the meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees in the Newman Vertical Campus on Monday afternoon,” said Baruch College President Mitchel Wallerstein on the school’s website.

Students United for a Free CUNY have announced on their own website that they’re planning to hold a rally at Baruch College at 4 p.m. today. According to the website, the rally is in response to the proposed tuition hike as well as what they call the “vicious attack” of CUNY students by CUNY public safety officers during last week’s protest.

If the tuition hike is approved, undergrads would pay $6,330 a year by 2015, compared with last year’s tuition of $4,830, according to the New York Post.

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