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CUPE plans to hit the hustings for the NDP

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is working to get the Nova Scotia NDP elected, sparking accusations by the party’s political rivals.

Last week in a website release CUPE announced it was “pulling out all the stops” to get the NDP elected. The release said several activists are booked off to work on the campaign, lobbying through phone calls, direct mail and presentations to local unions.

The Liberals jumped on the news, saying the link shows the NDP would be at the whim of unions if elected.

“One can only imagine the degree of influence on an NDP government given the fact that ‘they’ will be electing the NDP to government,” Liberal MLA Michel Samson said.

The NDP shot back at the Liberals Friday that they have the highest percentage of funds from individual donations (86 per cent) compared to the Liberals (68 per cent) and Conservatives (54 per cent).

“The fact of the matter is that the NDP proposed a total ban on corporate and labour contributions to political parties, and it was Michel Samson and his Liberal Party that supported the current Conservative system. It’s laughable if anything,” said NDP campaign director Matt Hebb.

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