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Curious JFK contraband confiscated

Criminals have been getting creative lately at Kennedy Airport.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers arrested a Bronx resident Wednesday after discovering she had smuggled more than $98,000 of cocaine from the Dominican Republic. Officers found cocaine-stuffed bags of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in Alicia Jarrett’s checked luggage.

But that’s not the only weird contraband this week, as a Queens woman also tried to sneak past Kennedy security Tuesday with $170,000 sewn into her underwear. She was trying to avoid taxes on the sale of a property in Sudan.

Still stranger was the case of the $9 million of pure opium hidden in acrylic cats from Thailand, intercepted in January.

Customs and Border Protection Officer John F. Saleh credits the agency’s “right mix of intelligence, technology and officer expertise.”

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