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Curry favour with your liver with curcumin

Want to curry favour with your liver? Eat lots of curcumin. This orange-coloured substance is found in turmeric, which is used as a spice in curry.

A laboratory study at Saint Louis University has found that curcumin holds promise as a way to prevent or treat liver damage from an increasingly common condition called fatty liver disease.

It’s estimated that 20 per cent of adults in Canada have a build-up of fat in their liver, a problem that is caused not by alcohol, but by obesity. Fatty liver can become severe and lead to liver fibrosis, possibly cirrhosis and, finally, liver cancer or death. There are no symptoms of early liver disease.

Your liver is a vital organ, known as the body’s cleanser. Though studies are preliminary, it looks like eating curcumin may help keep the liver healthy.

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