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Customize your table

HOM_Cromatti1_17 You can change all the specifics of this table at Cromatti.

If following design trends like those fluffy Moroccan rugs has you rolling your eyes, check out Cromatti. The Los Angeles- based company creates chic modern furnishings that can be customized to individual shoppers’ tastes.

The idea for the company was born when CEO Dan Maddox was shopping for a dining table but couldn’t find any options to fit his aesthetic. So he decided to create his own.

“I found some local craftsman who do incredible work with metal and were able to realize my vision perfectly,” says Maddox. Since most of us don’t know local craftsman nor have the time to take on such projects, a company like Cromatti is perfect. It allows customers to choose from various combinations of metal colors, fabrics and glass finishes until they create a piece just right for their individual style.

Items range in price from $240-$925 and are available at Cromatti.com with free shipping.

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