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Cycling ‘not as cold as everyone might think’

Some motorists might look at cyclists like Sean Carter as if he is crazy to be biking in the bitter winter cold.

But the truth is that he’s probably warmer than most people in their cars.

“When you’re in a car you’re just stationary and when I’m biking, I work up a sweat and it actually gets quite warm. So it’s not as cold as everyone might think,” he said.

Carter said while people might question why someone would bike in -30 C temperatures, they might not realize the person doesn’t own a car.

“Whether it’s because they can’t afford it or morally don’t want one, some people just choose to bike. And that includes biking in the winter.”

Carter also believes there are advantages to biking in the winter; he’d rather ride a plowed bike path over bumper-to-bumper traffic any day.

“I think the bike paths get cleared before the roads in most cases anyway, so it’s a nice ride in the winter and the paths are dry,” he said.

“And to be honest, I’d rather ride in the winter because motorists slow down and give you more space.”

The most important thing about biking in the winter, Carter said, is safety, so he advises cyclists to always check their brakes and gear, and dress appropriately.

“You have to dress in layers and cover your face. I use a toque low and a neck warmer high so the only thing showing is my eyes. But some people even wear goggles to protect their eyes.”

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