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Cyndi Lauper surprises Oktoberfest revelers with biergarten show

cyndi lauper biergarten oompah band There’s something about an oompah band’s instruments that made Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” even more, well, fun.
Credit: Samantha Rowe

What’s a girl like Cyndi Lauper do to have fun? On Sunday, it was take in the atmosphere at the final night of Munich on the East River– then close it out.

Lauper took to what must’ve been the smallest stage she’s performed on in decades about half an hour before Manhattan’s biggest Oktoberfest partyended for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” backed by the biergarten’s oompah band.

But the crowd, who stood on the benches and tables hoisting liter-size steins in one hand and cellphones in the other, wasn’t going to let the set end there. Lauper obliged the audience with an encore: a lounge cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” so much sexier than the original that though he may not know why, Mick Jagger surely put some extra effort into making sure whoever he was with last night had fun.

Sunday wrapped two weekends of German revelry put on by Zum Schneider restaurant, which has celebrated the festival at its Alphabet City location since it opened and expanded the event to the biergarten-style tent at 23rd Street on the East River this year.

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