‘Daily Show’ correspondent Aasif Mandvi speaks out on Trevor Noah’s tweets


Longtime Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvisayshe doesn’t understand the recent fuss about future host Trevor Noah’s Twitter account.

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“I think it’s much ado about nothing,” said Mandvi while speaking as part of the LinkedIn Discussion Series at the company’s New York headquarters on Tuesday. “The guy made some off-color, irresponsible tweets, but he was trying to be funny.”

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As for fans of the show who were hoping that Mandvi himself would be tapped to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes: the 49-year-old actor insists that he never wanted the job. “I think they wanted someone who was a new fresh face,” he added. “I don’t know Trevor, I’ve met him a couple of times and he seems like a nice guy. I trust Jon Stewart and Jon seems to want him.”

Mandvi also thinks that Noah should be given the freedom to make the show his own. “Go with your gut,” he says he’d advise Noah. “I wouldn’t be on “The Daily Show” if Jon Stewart had gone with some kind of formula.”

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