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Dal and Saint Mary’s lead the charge for school rivalries

There is no greater university rivalry in Halifax than the one between Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University.

Whether it’s who has the better sports teams or which one is a better university overall, the debate rages on.

Located at the end of Robie Street in South End Halifax, Saint Mary’s is home to the Huskies.
The university has long had a reputation as a jock school and is well known for its football program. The school also usually sports an impressive basketball team and its hockey team won the national championship last year.

From an academic standpoint, Saint Mary’s is largely an undergraduate school and is best known for its commerce program, offered through the Sobey School of Business.

Also nestled in the South End is Dalhousie University. Dalhousie has a reputation as being more academically inclined than Saint Mary’s. A larger school, Dalhousie offers just about every degree you could imagine: law, nursing, medical school, engineering, graduate degrees, plus the usual undergraduate programs.

Dalhousie doesn’t usually experience as much success on the sports fields as Saint Mary’s does, except in swimming events where Dalhousie always dominates. (Saint Mary’s does not have a swim team.)

Next door to the Dalhousie campus is the University of King’s College.

Best known for its journalism program and its foundation year programme, the school has around 1,000 students and is sometimes referred to as the Harvard of the north.

Sportswise, King’s is known as the Blue Devils and they compete against smaller schools in the Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association, such as the Mount Saint Vincent University Mystics.

Located on the Bedford Highway, Mount Saint Vincent is often perceived as a females school, as the majority of its students are females. It’s best known programs are public relations, dietetics and education.

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