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Dalhousie strives to recover

Time may not heal all but it does help ease the painful memories of a tragedy that struck the quiet community of Dalhousie one year ago today, according to community members.

It was on May 27, 2008, that Joshua Lall, 34, suddenly killed his wife, Alison, his two young children, Kristen, 5, and Rochelle, 3, and downstairs tenant Amber Bowerman, 30, sparing only his then one-year-old child.

While the motive is still unclear, the memories are starting to fade with time, Dalhousie Community Centre employee Evan Karas said yesterday.

“It’s starting to slip under the radar. We had a grieving process and I think it brought the community closer but it is starting to become more distant,” Karas said.

But Karas also said some people are torn between the emotions.

“You want to forget it because it was so horrible but you want to remember the victims for who they were,” he added.

Neighbour Danielle Hiebert, 18, lives a few houses down and echoed the sentiment that time is starting to heal community wounds.

“I think people are starting to come to terms with it and moving on,” she said.

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