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Dannijo share their secrets to throwing the best summer party

As successful jewelry designers behind the accessory brand, Dannijo, Danielle and Jodie Snyder’s work often takes them to glamorous social gatherings.But when it comes to their personal party style the the two prefer laid-back gatherings.

“We like intimate parties at people’s homes, where you can get cozy and stay for a long period of time says,” Jodie.

But the ladies’ version of a house party is far from just uncorking wine and slicing up cheese.

Last month, the duo hosted an elaborate soirée at Cedar Lake in NYC with Cointreau where they showed off some fancy cocktails that would would make even the dullest small talk sparkle.

We made sure to mingle with the Snyder sisters to find out the perfect recipe for a killer shindig.

What does every fun party need?

Jodie: It’s really about the hostess. So, we have the ambiance, flowers, candles, music, good lighting, an amazing guest list, good food and drinks — you don’t want to run out of those.

Danielle: Definitely include special cocktails and interactive elements. So, for this particular soiree we incorporated make your own. Jodie and I love the Cointreau Rickey because it’s simple and easy to make. We brought tons of garnishes like raspberries, strawberries, cucumber and basil. We love conversations, so anything that sort of fosters conversation and adds to the flow of the space.

What tips would you give to someone planning a party?

Danielle: It’s really about making the space your own. So, you know in New York everyone is always starving for space. Even if you have a tiny apartment, incorporate some of the elements in your space [to create] a bar, like old vintage bottles. Also, definitely incorporate some beautiful candles on the table and some throws from an African bazaar or some great textiles. Just have fun with the elements that speak to your aesthetic. Jodie and I love creating vignettes and telling different stories in the space to make it feel bigger. And then lighting and music, you know something with a great playlist, we love to dance.

As jewelry designers what are some baubles you suggest for a party?

Jodie: We love statement earrings. We only wear Dannijo to parties [laughs] No, I’m kidding. Right now everybodyloves a choker, so we’re seeing a lot of those as well.

What’s do you think is the perfect outfit to wear to a summer party?

Danielle: We both love vintage. We both wear a lot of Victorian lace. Actually, we just did a really cool vintage capsule collection for Club Monaco in the Hamptons. It’s easy to wear and easy to accessorize. Also, just bright colors. For a soirée, you always want to be wearing something that you’ll be comfortable in from the start to the end.

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