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Danny Picard: Klay Thompson trade to the Celtics makes too much sense

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Let’s set the record straight. Brian Scalabrine can publicly backtrack all he wants. But he knows something.

In recent days, the former Celtic-turned-analyst threw out a trade rumor that got the attention of anyone and everyone who is tapped into the NBA. That rumor had Boston and Golden State discussing a deal which would send Klay Thompson to the Celtics in exchange for Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder. The deal, according to Scalabrine, would also include Golden State having the “right-to-swap” its first-round pick for a Brooklyn pick that Boston owns.

Scalabrine randomly mentioned this to Frank Isola on SiriusXM NBA Radio. The conversation began when Scalabrine said, “I heard Klay Thompson might be available.” He added, “I heard that rumor going around, and it was specifically to a team that wears green.”

Ok. Stop it there. Does that sound like something Scalabrine was reading off the Internet? To me, it sounds like someone who has inside information. And seeing that Scalabrine has connections with both the Celtics and Warriors (he was part of Golden State’s coaching staff in 2013), it’s not crazy to believe he’s got the inside scoop on this one.

In his SiriusXM segment, Scalabrine continued to talk about what the Warriors could do with the Brooklyn pick, and how they could move it to “get some type of legitimate younger shot-blocking center.” Then, in a Facebook video for Comcast SportsNet New England, Scalabrine later mentioned that Golden State could trade that Brooklyn pick to Philadelphia for 22-year-old big man Nerlens Noel.

Was Scalabrine just taking something he read online and turning it into a juicy rumor for ratings, knowing that the trade actually makes some sense for all parties involved? That’s what he wants you to believe. But the website in which he now says he read it from, it doesn’t even detail the same trade that Scalabrine discussed in detail on SiriusXM.

Leads me to believe something is up. Scalabrine has inside information. And he wasn’t supposed to spill the beans.

As someone who is always trying to get some type of inside information from teams in Boston, I’ve spilled the beans before, only to quickly be told from the source that I wasn’t supposed to say anything. In fairness to Scalabrine, I’ve never received inside information as important as the trade rumor he recently threw out there. But that just makes his backtracking that much more important and imminent, especially if he had somebody telling him to backtrack.

Then you have Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who shot down the trade rumor when asked about it during a media session this week.

“I think our guys know that stuff is almost always just BS,” he said.

Almost always. But not always.

Look, what do you expect Kerr to come out and say, “Yeah, we’re discussing a trade that would send Klay Thompson to the Celtics?” Then what happens if the trade falls through? What would be going through Thompson’s head?

If this trade was being discussed, neither the Celtics or Warriors would want it to become public until it was finalized. And if it’s being discussed, I think this trade would absolutely have a chance to get done. Because it makes sense.

After adding Kevin Durant, Golden State can sacrifice some offense to improve its defensive needs, while keeping Steph Curry and Draymond Green. And after adding Al Horford, Boston would love to get its hands on another All-Star in the backcourt to go along with Isaiah Thomas, while being able to hold onto Marcus Smart and still have one more Brooklyn pick in its back pocket.

It works. The two teams are a perfect fit. And if I’m Danny Ainge, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to pull the trigger on this trade.

It just makes sense. Too much sense, actually. Which makes me think.

Scalabrine knows something. At least, I hope he does.

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