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Darrelle Revis’ hacked Instagram account goes all vulgar

Darrelle Revis wants you to know that you are not the mole on the backside of his success. Well, at least he wouldn’t post about it on social media if he did think that way.

On Sunday, the Jets cornerback’s Instagram account apparently got hacked after a series of his comments in response to trolling followers created quite a stir. Responding to some followers who were trolling him for a response, someone posted under his Instagram handle a series of vulgar and negative responses. The Instagram comments, made from his official account, seemed out of character for a player who has had a rather positive public image for the most part:

“I gotta a ring, I’m paid and worth then me. I look better then you & my d**k is bigger then yours so safe all the bull for somebody who cares cause I don’t. Your a pimple on my ass,” Revis’ Instagram read Sunday.

Revis, who won a Super Bowl ring with the New England Patriots last year, also responded to another critic “to shut the f**k up” and be a “spectator.” The response was to another trolling fan, looking to get a rise out of the man nicknamed ‘Revis Island.’

Very quickly after that, Revis posted a response on Twitter claiming that his account got hacked:

“My IG got hacked. No big deal!!!,” Revis wrote on Twitter shortly after the Instagram posts were made.

The Jets did not have a statement on the incident since Revis responded to the issue on Twitter.

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